Two Bosses You Better Avoid

From the “Corporate Survival Kit” series.


The corporate world is filled with things that can cause significant harm to your career and while it is impossible to avoid all of them, you can certainly do your very best to avoid the severe, career-ending threats.

That brings me to two horrible bosses that I often refer to as wild animals. While boss personalities vary significantly, I’ll reveal two of the most dangerous bosses (animals) of the corporate wilderness:

The BullyBoss - The only good news is that this creature can easily be identified because of their tendency to belittle, intimidate and virtually feast on the emotions of workers who are lower on the food chain (organizational chart ranking) than themselves. I describe this type of boss in great detail in a previous post, but it’s best to avoid this creature. However, if you’re forced to work with them, resist the urge to challenge them because you will inevitably become their bait. It will be difficult to avoid the urge to stand-up to the BullyBoss but trust me when I tell you that it’s not worth your job. Avoidance in the form of direct contact or confrontation is your best strategy. It seems that everywhere I look, TV shows, websites, celebrities and the general public are fighting back against school bullies. However, the corporate bully lives on unchallenged by the forces of good and that is a shame. I look forward to the day when these ancient animals of the corporate world get punished for their moral crimes against worker humanity. Until then, don’t try to be a hero…focus on survival.

YesMen YesMen bosses are not as obvious as the BullyBoss which makes them especially dangerous. I despise this shallow creature so much that I included them in my permanent boss line-up. Be cautiously aware in what you say and do around this very observant animal. If you show the slightest sign of irreverence to the company, you can count on being labeled a “trouble-maker.” Once you have this label, you will be fighting an uphill battle to restore your reputation. Even worse, you may be branded as a potential defector which is someone who has a strong chance of leaving the organization. And with all potential defectors, the bosses will try to beat you to the punch by forcing you out or intentionally impeding your growth. As I mentioned earlier, job preservation is the name of the game so make sure you fly straight and bite your tongue when you are in the presence of this pusillanimous, do-gooder. One slip-up and you’ll be ratted out to the other bosses faster than you can utter the words, “you’re just a big ole’ butt-kisser.”

In just a few years of my professional career, I’ve encountered BullyBosses and YesMen personality types the most. To that end, I have also witnessed the bodies of their casualties being piled high on the corporate burial grounds. So I urge you, better yet, I implore you to avoid becoming a victim of their serial cruelty. I’ve seen many fighters win a battle or two but lose the war (their job).

To all of my dear workers, I bid you long life.


A Champion’s Cause:

“No one sat me down and taught me this stuff. I had to learn it all on my own by bumping my head and watching others do the same…so I freely give away all that I know to help others just like me.”

- Steele A. Champion

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13 comments on “Two Bosses You Better Avoid

  1. Tricia says:

    You talk about bosses being bullies but I know a bunch of every day workers who try to bully other workers around and yet they never get punished even though everybody knows. I have pyt ALL bullies in their right-ful place and I will continue to do that because someone needs to stand up to them.

    • Steele A. Champion says:

      Thanks for your feedback Tricia. I won’t even get into the worker bullies…they can be the worse. The BullyBoss is more of a threat to many workers career because they often have more influence as it relates to altering the status of your employment than a peer. Keep visiting and thanks for joining the mailing list.

  2. J.R. says:

    Hilarious! Esp the Yes Man boss because I bet everybody has at least one of these in the office. Usually the old senior citizen person that’s been around forever and is intimidated by young educated workers. Good stuff, very helpful.

    • Steele A. Champion says:

      JR, I appreciate the feedback and YesMen bosses suck garbage! Glad you found this helpful. Keep in touch and stay connected.

  3. Abigail says:

    Why is that some leaders find it necessary to bully their workers????? It’s always the person who has no life, hates going home and tries to punish you for having a life outside of work. I have worked with at least 3 of these A-Types and I’ve only been working for 5 years out of college. I agree in that the best method of dealing with them is to avoid them because you don’t want to go down as the unemployed hero. I’ve seen people get on their hit list and surprisingly those folks are not around anymore either because they voluntarily left or they were told to leave. I really believe that if the CEO knew what was going on, they would find a way to get rid of these useless bosses. Good (and truthful) advice all around Steele! I love reading this site.

    • Steele A. Champion says:

      Abigail, I’m glad you enjoy this site. The BullyBoss has an uncanny ability to survive often under the radar of upper management (either that or upper management knows but turns a blind eye to their tyranny). In either case, avoidance seems to the best strategy because direct confrontation gets really ugly and messy. Keep stopping by and thanks for staying connected.

  4. Jon Lyons says:

    Pusillanimous, Phalanx??? – you went deep in the thesaurus on this one Steele. Love it and hilarious as always. Love how you refer to them as animals. -

    • Steele A. Champion says:

      Haha Jon. I try to expand the vocab when I can without sounding like a “I’m smarter than you” cornball. Hopefully I didn’t cross over on this. And yes because animals are what they act like most of the time. Glad you found humor in this…it helps me to poke fun at them when I can.

  5. MG says:

    The best way to get back at these two types of bosses is to live a life so great that they’ll envy. That is my mantra and it has worked for me time after time. Going on my 5th promotion despite the negativity. Good stuff.

    • Steele A. Champion says:

      MG, I like that mantra of giving the haters something to hate on. Congrats on the many promotions and keeping your head above the office BS because many people fall victim of getting their name associated with gossip and that’s never a good thing. Thank you for your feedback and keep visiting!

  6. Stephen Moncrief says:

    Wow, I have a lot to learn…especially with tempting the bully boss. Thanks for the helpful content Steele…I also joined your mailing list.

    • Steele A. Champion says:

      Stephen, thanks for stopping by again. Yes, please don’t “feed the animals” because they will come back again and again for more. They have nothing else to do. Anyways, thanks for staying connected and keep coming back for more useful information on corporate survival. My next post in the series will be live soon.

  7. PieSlayer83 says:

    I hate to admit this but I had a BullyBoss befriend me at work (and I am unsure why) and actually made my position more enjoyable and fruitful because for some odd reason he was extremely nice to me but mean to my colleagues. Part of it comes from the fact that he hired me (I’m the newest) but inherited the other folks. The other part could be that I think they all had some disagreements in the past…in either case I know it’s not RIGHT how he treats others but I am happy that I am not on the wrong end of this wrath. I know it is selfish but it is true.

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